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15 October

Asmund Flobak Discovery of drug synergy by logical modeling, and automation of logical model definitions


Le séminaire d’Åsmund Flobak - M.D., M.Sc. Ph.d-fellow - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, aura lieu en salle Favard (RDC, 46 rue d’ilm - 75005 Paris)

We have successfully applied logical modeling in drug synergy discovery (cf.Flobak et al., 2015).
Building on what we have learned from a manual model building effort we now look into automation of model definitions.
A proof-of-concept platform that enables automated model building and parameterization will be presented and discussed.

Flobak et al. (2015). Discovery of drug synergies in gastric cancer cells predicted by logical modelling. PLoS Computational Biology 11: e1004426.