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15 octobre

Asmund Flobak Discovery of drug synergy by logical modeling, and automation of logical model definitions


Le séminaire d’Åsmund Flobak - M.D., M.Sc. Ph.d-fellow - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, aura lieu en salle Favard (RDC, 46 rue d’ilm - 75005 Paris)

Abstract :
We have successfully applied logical modeling in drug synergy discovery (cf.Flobak et al., 2015).
Building on what we have learned from a manual model building effort we now look into automation of model definitions.
A proof-of-concept platform that enables automated model building and parameterization will be presented and discussed.

Reference :
Flobak et al. (2015). Discovery of drug synergies in gastric cancer cells predicted by logical modelling. PLoS Computational Biology 11 : e1004426.