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SPIBENS is the young researchers association of the IBENS. Our aim is to stimulate scientific and social activities at IBENS. But we also have a representative role with the Team Council (“CodEq”) and the Laboratory Council (“Conseil d’Institut”).

Activities of the association

L3 courses: “Insights in Life Sciences”
Organiser: Patrick Torbey
Because many of us love to share our passion and inspire the next generation of scientists, SPIBENS and the ENS Biology department organize every year small teaching modules called “Insights in Life Sciences by SPIBENS”. Around 10-12 motivated PhD students and Post-Docs teach mainly L3 and M1 students about their favourite biology-related subject during 3 times 1hour sessions. Each teacher chooses his topic, course and exam format.
These micro-modules are optional and usually attended by a class of 5 to 15 highly motivated students. For the newcomers among us, this provides the perfect first-time teaching practice, and even the more experienced appreciate the freedom that this micro-module offers.

Language exchanges
Organiser: Simran Bhullar/Céline Hernandez
Because IBENS is welcoming many international scientists, SPIBENS organizes regular meetings where we can learn and practice other languages. This can include weekly group discussions, or one-to-one meetings called “tandems” freely organized by other people.

YRLS organisation
Organiser: Yves Clément/Lambert Moyon
Created by several young scientists’ associations around Paris, including SPIBENS, the Young Researchers in Life Sciences is organized each year in Paris specifically for young scientists. Its goal is to provide an environment favoring scientific interactions and enables them to present their work early in their careers. Each year, SPIBENS is involved in this conference, in its organization with the help of several SPIBENS members, and with the massive attendance of PhD students and post-docs of SPIBENS to the conference. Information here

Monthly Happy Hours
Organiser: see calendar of events.
Whether it is to drown your sorrows or celebrate your successes, everybody needs a nice drink after a hard day in the lab. This is why SPIBENS organizes a monthly Happy Hour where Students and Post-docs can meet, mingle, laugh and discuss science (or some other, infinitely less important, matter) over snacks and drinks.
Each month, the young researchers of one floor of the institute organize the Happy Hour around any theme they want and makes sure everybody enjoys the evening! Come and join us on these dates!

Calendar of next events:

  • October 20th 2016: 7th Floor
  • November 17th 2016: 8th Floor
  • December 15th 2016: 9th Floor
  • January 19th 2016: 1st Floor
  • February 16th 2017: 2nd Floor
  • March 16th 2017: 3rd Floor
  • April 20th 2017: 4th Floor
  • May 18th 2017: 6th Floor
  • June 15th 2017: 7th Floor

And others to come...

Joint Happy Hours
Organiser: Patrick Torbey/Alexandra Nothnagel
No, your body is not only a vehicle to get your brain to meetings; it’s also a vehicle to get to the Joint Happy Hours that SPIBENS organizes with other research institutes. 3 times a year, either as hosts or guests, Spibensiens get to meet young researchers of other institutes in an informal setting. A great way to meet old friends and make new ones!


You can contact SPIBENS either through your local floor representative, or through the bureau.

Floor representatives

  • 1st Floor: Patrick Torbey
  • 2nd Floor: Yves Clement
  • 3rd Floor: Alexandra Nothnagel
  • 4th Floor: Victoire Baillet
  • 7th Floor: Alexia Mahuzier
  • 8th Floor: Ahmed Vargas-Velasquez
  • 9th Floor: Andres Varani

Don’t hésitate to contact your representative!

Bureau for 2016/2017

  • Patrick Torbey (President)
  • Lambert Moyon (Vice-president)
  • Hind Baba Aïssa (Secretary)
  • Victor Lloubet (Vice-secretary)
  • Nora M. Assendorp (Treasurer)
  • Nikita Menezes (Vice-Treasurer)

To contact the bureau, send an email to the following address:
spibens_bureau at