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The knowledge of the location of duplicated regions into complete genomes is a major source of information to understand the mechanisms of their evolution. The primary objective of SIMCOGEN (SIMilar regions into the COmplete GENomes) is to build a repository registering all pairs of similar regions found into a lot of complete genomes. Two regions are similar if the identity of their nucleotidic sequences is greater than Smin for a length greater than Lmin.

Data are registered in the database using a relational model. The main tables include the location of the similar pairs and the informations describing the known regions of analysed chromosomes. Using the ASSIRC/D-ASSIRC software, the search of similar regions has been performed for a lot of chromosomes whose complete sequence is available. Are included procaryotic (B. subtilis, E. coli, M. genitalium,...) and eucaryotic organisms (S. cerevisiae,...).

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SIMCOGEN could be interactively consulted at http://www.simcogen.ens.fr.

Flat files registering data included into SIMCOGEN are freely available at the following address: ftp://ftp.biologie.ens.fr/pub/simcogen


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