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- 23 submitted or written manuscripts
- 29 meeting reports (>2007).
- 153 peer reviewed: 129 research publications. 11 reviews. 13 chapters/comments/ review.
- 3 books published by Springer.
- 1 book in production.

Field covered: Fields covered: Applied Mathematics, Biophysical Modeling, Stochastic Processes, Asymptotic of Partial Differential Equations, Statistical Physics, Computational Biology and Neurobiology, Integrative Cellular and Molecular Biology, Theoretical Biophysics, Stochastic Simulations of Cellular Processes, Multiscale Modeling in Neuroscience, Physical biology, Physical virology, Polymer models, Statistics of single particle trajectories, chromatin reconstruction, Phototransduction, Electro-diffusion, neuronal network, neuron-glia interaction, statistical medecine, EEG analysis.

List of publications

Published in ArXiv only.

3- D. Holcman N.Hoze, Z. Schuss, Analysis of single particle trajectories: when things go wrong, arXiv:1502.00286, 2015.

2- N.Hoze, D. Holcman, Potential wells for AMPA receptors organized in ring nanodomains, ArXiv q-bio > arXiv:1309.3436

1- D. Holcman, The Complexity of Synaptic Transmission Revealed by a Multiscale Analysis Approach From The Molecular to The Cellular Level, Correspondence, Quantitative Biology, arXiv:1202.2034v1, 2012

Books and Monographs

1- D. Holcman Z. Schuss Stochastic Narrow Escape in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Monographs, Springer 260 p (in production) 2015.…

Book chapters and Commentaries, View points, Opinions

16- C. Guerrier, D. Holcman, Calcium dynamics in nanodomains to trigger vesicular release at neuronal synapses revealed by computational modeling, Frontiers in Neuroscience (in preparation).

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Publications: early pre-prints

158-K. Tor, Z. Schuss D. Holcman, Jump processes and MFPT, extreme event and application to telomere length dynamics.

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Publications published or in press


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