Summer program

A summer in Paris in the Latin Quarter.

Each year the group of Theoretical Modeling of Cellular Physiology offers one position for a summer student (3 months from June to September). During this period, the student has to learn about our methods through a problem she/he has to solve. Students are encouraged to contact us at least 6 months before starting.

Send us a CV, a letter of motivation, 2 letters of recommandations.

Deadline for application : March 1 th of each year.

Contact information : Assaf Amitai or Nathanael Hoze

amitai at

hoze at

The Student should have at least be in his/her 3 to 4 years university level.

Past Students :

V. Kasatkin (Summer student) 2005 (now in the USA)

I. Bobcova (Summer student) 2006 (now in the USA)

A. Ziskind (Summer student) 2007 (now at Columbia)

J. Leibo (Summer student) 2008 (now at MIT)

J. Paulson (Summer student) 2009 (now at College Park)

O. Shukron (Summer student) 2010 (now Tel Aviv)

J. Kwoon (Summer student 2010)

H. Leman (Summer student) 2011 (now at Polytechnique)

V. Normand (Summer student) 2013 (now at ENS Paris)

J. Vaillant (Summer student) 2013 (now at Oxford)

C. Sepulveda (Summer student) 2013 (now at Medical School Paris)

A. Ben Serlavo (summer student, Cambrige) 2014