Support and donations

"The group is currently working on modeling cellular biology and we are involved in identifying principles underlying the cell function in normal and pathological conditions. Our research applies to cellular communication and provides novel tools and concepts to analyze the transition from normal to pathological behaviors.

Mathematical and computational approach in cell biology is a new and emerging field. We devote our time in searching for basic concepts. For example, we are interested in the mechanisms leading to cell decision, how large is the cell response to a given stimuli ? how precise is the brain wired or how the cortex makes precise boundaries. "

David Holcman.

Help us to unravel the biological concepts of tomorrow. We need your support. For further information and donations to our lab, contact us. You will be proud to contribute to support fundamental research.

The lab is supported by :

-Pierre Gille de Gennes foundation  : PhD fellowships 2009-2013

-FRM fellowships 2012 and 2013 : 2 years postdoc

-Labex MemoLife 2013 : one year postdoc

-ERC-starting grant 2007

-FRM fellowships 2008 and 2010

-a Frontiere du Vivant grant fellowship 2008

-Pierre Gilles de Gennes foundation 2009

D.H research was supported in the past by

-The Sloan-Swartz foundation at UCSF 2002-2004

-A Neuroinformatics grant 2007

-Chaires d’Excellence 2004-2007

-Human Frontier Science Program 2006-2009.

-Ashoff family from California 2002-2004