Themes of research (Selected Publications)

Modeling and Analysis of molecular and cellular biology: the function of microdomains

Modeling synapses

* A. Taflia, D. Holcman, Estimating the synaptic current in a multi-conductance AMPA receptor model, Biophysical Journal. 101(4):781-92, (2011).

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Analysis of Molecular Trafficking and chemical reactions

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Theory of diffusion for Dendritic spines

*D. Holcman Z. Schuss, Diffusion laws in dendritic spines, J. Math. Neuroscience 1:10 2011, doi:10.1186/2190-8567-1-10.

*D. Holcman, E. Korkotian, M. Segal, Calcium dynamic in dendritic spine, modeling and experiments, (review 2005) .

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Modeling the nuclear organization and function

*J. Reingruber D. Holcman, Transcription factor search for a DNA promoter in a three-state model.

*N. Hoze A., D. Holcman, Coagulation–fragmentation for a finite number of particles and application to telomere clustering in the yeast nucleus, Physics Letters A,376, 6–7, 845–849, 2012.

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* A. Amitai, D. Holcman, Diffusing polymers in confined microdomains and estimation of chromosomal territory sizes from chromosome capture data, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 248105 (2013)

Physical modeling the early steps of viral infection, viral trafficking

* T. Lagache, O. Danos, D. Holcman, Modeling endosomal escape of non enveloped viruses, case of the AAV Biophysical J. 102(5):980-9. 2012

* T. Lagache, D. Holcman, Effective drift for a virus trafficking inside a biological cell, in SIAM of App. Math., 68, 4 2008, 1146-1167.

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Analysis of Phototransduction

* D. Holcman, J. Korenbrot, Longitudinal diffusion in retinal rod and cone outer segment cytoplasm: the consequence of cell structure , Biophysical Journal 86:2566-2582 (2004).

*D. Holcman J. Korenbrot, The limit of photoreceptor sensitivity; molecular mechanisms of dark current noise in retinal, J Gen Physiol.,125(6):641-60, 2005.

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Early Development and Morphogenetic Gradients

* V. Kasatkin, A. Prochiantz, D. Holcman, Morphogenetic gradients and the stability of boundaries between neighboring morphogenetic regions;70(1):156-78. Bull. Math Biology 2007.

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*, Y Reingruber*, J. Le Men, J Gilardi-Hebenstreit, P, D. Holcman* Charnay*, P Stochastic switching in a feedback loop controls vertebrate hindbrain patterning revision, Mol. Sys. Biol. *: equally.;9:690. doi: 10.1038/msb.2013.46. (2013)

System Neuroscience, Neuron-gli interactions, cortical plasticity and cortex dynamics

*K. Dao Duc, J Sibille, N. Rouach, D. Holcman, Potassium regulation through the Kir4.1 channel in astrocyte, consequence for the neural activity.

* C. Giaume, A. Koulakoff, L. Roux, D. Holcman and N. Rouach, Astroglial connexin-mediated networks:a step further in neuroglial interactions, Nat. Rev. Neuroscience (2009).

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Stochastic processes, Brownian motion and the Narrow escape theory

*D. Holcman Z. Schuss, the narrow escape problem, SIAM Rev 56 no. 2, 213–257 2014.

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Modeling polymers in confined microdomains

* A. Amitai, D. Holcman, beta-model application to DNA modeling in the nucleus, Phys. Rev E. 88, 052604 (2013)

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*S. Vakeroudis M. Yor D. Holcman, The Mean First Rotation Time of a planar Polymer J. Stat. Phys. DOI: 10.1007/s10955-011-0227-6 (2011).

Partial differential equations and Asymptotics

K. Dao duc, Z. Schuss D. Holcman, Oscillatory decay of the survival probability of activated diffusion across a limit cycle, Phys. Rev E 2014.

Singular perturbations

* D. Holcman, Nonlinear PDE with vector fields, J. Anal. Math. 81 (2000), 111—137.

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Nonlinear Analysis on Manifolds.

* D. Holcman, Solutions nodales sur les varietes Riemanniennes, J. of Funct. Analys., 1999,Vol. 26 p219-245.

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* D. Holcman, C. Pugh,The Boundary between Compact and Noncompact Complete Riemann Manifolds.

Subriemannian Geometry and Control theory

* D.Holcman M.Margaliot, Stability Analysis of Switched Homogeneous Systems in the plane, SIAM J. of Control, Jan 2003, vol. 41, 5 pp. 1609-1625

* P. Greiner D. Holcman Y. Kannai, Wave Kernel related to second order operators, Duke Mathematical Journal, 114 (2002), no. 2, 329–386