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Selected publications

This page lists the main recent publications of the EEM unit. A more complete list is available on each of the personal pages.

- Enard D, Depaulis F, Roest Crolluis, (In press) Human and non-human primate genomes share hotspots of positive selection. PLoS Genetics.

- Lambert, A. (2010). Population genetics, ecology and the size of populations. J. Math. Biol. 60 469-472. (abstract)

- E Edeline, TO Haugen, FA Weltzien, D Claessen, IJ Winfield, NC Stenseth and LA Vollestad. (2009). Body downsizing caused by non-consumptive social stress severely depresses population growth rate. Proceedings of the Royal Society B (abstract)

- Ballesteros, S., Vergu, E. & Cazelles, B., (2009). Influenza A gradual and epochal evolution : insights from simple models. PLoS One, 4, e7426. (abstract)

- Depaulis F, Orlando L, Hanni C, (2009) Using classical population genetics tools with heterochroneous data: time matters! PLoS One 4, e5541. (abstract)

- Zhang, Z., Cazelles, B., Tian, H., Stige, L.C., Bräuning, A. and Stenseth, N.C., (2009). Periodic Temperature-Associated Drought/Flood Drives Locust Plagues in China. Proc. Royal Soc. London B, 276, 823-831. (abstract)

- Lazzaro X, G Lacroix, B Gauzens, J Gignoux & S Legendre. (2009). Predator foraging behaviour drives food-web topological structure. Journal of Animal Ecology, 78: 1307-1317. (abstract)

- Aguilee, R., D. Claessen and A. Lambert. (2009). Allele fixation in a dynamic metapopulation: founder effects vs refuge effects. Theoretical Population Biology 76, 105-117. (abstract)

- Demetrius L, S Legendre & P Harremöes. (2009). Evolutionary entropy: A predictor of body size, metabolic rate and maximal life span. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 71, 800-818. (abstract)

- Legendre S. (2009). The number of crossings in a regular drawing of the complete bipartite graph. Journal of Integer Sequences, Vol. 12, article 09.5.5. (abstract)

- Claessen, D., A. de Vos and A.M. de Roos. (2009). Bioenergetics, overcompensation and the source/sink status of marine reserves. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic and Sciences, 66, 1059-1071. (abstract)

- Cattiaux, P., Collet, P., Lambert, A., Martinez, S., Méléard, S., San Martin, J. (2009). Quasi-stationary distributions and diffusion models in population dynamics. Ann. Probab. 37 1926-1969. (abstract)

- Caballero, M.E., Lambert, A., Uribe Bravo, G. (2009). Proof(s) of the Lamperti representation of continuous-state branching processes. Probab. Surveys 6 62-89. (abstract)

- Kausrud, K.L., Mysterud, A., Steen, H., Vik, J.O., Østbye, E., Cazelles, B., Framstad, E., Eikeset, A.M., Mysterud, I., Solhøy, T. and Stenseth, N.C., (2008). Linking climate change to lemming cycles. Nature, 456, 93-98. (abstract)

- Pascual, M., Cazelles, B., Bouma, M., Chaves, L. and Koelle, K., (2008). Shifting patterns : malaria dynamics and rainfall variability in an African highland. Proc. Royal Soc. London B, 275, 123-132. (abstract)

- Raquin, A.L., F. Depaulis, A. Lambert, N. Galic, P. Brabant and I. Goldringer (2008). Experimental estimation of mutation rates in a wheat population with a gene genealogy approach. Genetics 179 2195-2211. (abstract)

- Chapron G, DG Miquelle, A Lambert, JM Goodrich, S Legendre & J Clobert. (2008). The impact on tigers of poaching versus prey depletion. Journal of Applied Ecology 45, 1667-1674. (abstract)

- Cazelles, B., Chavez, M., Berteaux, D., Ménard, F., Vik, J.O, Jenouvrier, S. and Stenseth, N.C., (2008). Wavelet analysis of ecological time series. Oecologia, 156, 287-304. (abstract)

- Lambert, A. (2008) Population Dynamics and Random Genealogies. Stoch. Models 24 45-163. (abstract)

- S. Legendre, T.W. Schoener, J. Clobert & D.A. Spiller. (2008). How is extinction risk related to population-size variability over time? A family of models for species with repeated extinction and immigration. The American Naturalist, 172, 282-298. (abstract)

- D. Claessen, J. Andersson, L. Persson and A.M. de Roos. (2008). The effect of population size and recombination on delayed evolution of polymorphism and speciation in sexual populations. The American Naturalist, 172, E18-E34. (abstract)

- Lambert, A. 2008 The allelic partition for coalescent point processes. Markov Proc. Relat. Fields., 15, 359-386. (abstract)

- Pascual, M., Cazelles, B., Bouma, M., Chaves, L. & Koelle, K., 2008. Shifting patterns: malaria dynamics and rainfall variability in an African highland. Proc. Royal Soc. London B, 275, 123-132. (abstract)

- S. Lion and M. van Baalen 2008. Self-structuring in spatial evolutionary ecology. Ecol. Lett. 11:277-295. (abstract)

- S. Legendre. 2008. La séparation en biologie. In De la Séparation, directed by C Schaeffer, L’Harmattan, Paris, pp. 55-71. (abstract)

- Gonzalez, A., Lambert, A., Ricciardi, A. 2008 When does ecosystem engineering facilitate invasion? Oikos, 117: 1247-1257 (abstract)

- Lambert, A. (2007) Quasistationary distributions and the continuous-state branching process conditioned to be never extinct. Elec. J. Prob. 12 420-446. (abstract)

- Champagnat, N., Lambert, A. 2007 Evolution of discrete populations and the canonical diffusion of adaptive dynamics. Ann. Appl. Prob. 17 102-155. (abstract)

- S. Kéfi, M. Rietkerk, M. van Baalen & M. Loreau. 2007. Local facilitation and transitions in arid ecosystems. Theor. Popul. Biol. 71: 367-379 . (abstract)

- S. De Monte, F. d’Ovidio, S. Danø and P. G. Sørensen. 2007. Dynamical quorum sensing: Population density encoded in cellular dynamics. PNAS 104, 18377. (abstract)

- D. Claessen, J. Andersson, L. Persson and A.M. de Roos. 2007. Delayed evolutionary branching in small populations. Evolutionary Ecology Research 9(1): 51-69 (abstract)

- M. van Baalen & M. Beekman. 2006. The costs and benefits of genetic heterogeneity in resistance against parasites in social insects. Am. Nat. 167:568-577. (abstract)

- Cazelles, B. & Hales, S., 2006. Infectious diseases, climate influences and Nonstationary. PLoS Medicine, 3, 1212-1213 (e328). (abstract)

- Lambert, A. 2006 Probability of fixation under weak selection: a branching process unifying approach. Theoret. Pop. Biol. 69 419-441. (abstract)

- V.A.A. Jansen & M. van Baalen 2006. Altruism through beard chromodynamics. Nature (London). Nature (Lond) 440:663-666. (abstract)

- D. Claessen, C.A. Gilligan, P.J.W. Lutman and F. van den Bosch. 2005. Which traits promote persistence of feral GM crops? Part 1: implications of environmental stochasticity. Oikos 110 (1): 20-29. (abstract)

- S. Alizon & M. van Baalen. 2005. Emergence of a convex trade-off between transmission and virulence. Am. Nat. 165: E155-167. (abstract)

- Lambert, A. 2005 The branching process with logistic growth. Ann. Appl. Prob. 15 1506-1535. (abstract)

- Cazelles, B., Chavez, M., McMichael, A.J. & Hales, S., 2005. Nonstationary influence of El Niño on the synchronous dengue epidemics in Thailand. PLoS Medicine, 2, 313-318 (e106). (abstract)

- D. Claessen 2005. Alternative life-history pathways and the elasticity of stochastic matrix models. American Naturalist 165: E27-E35. (abstract)

- S. De Monte, F. d’Ovidio, H. Chaté, E. Mosekilde. 2004. Noise-induced macroscopic bifurcations in globally coupled chaotic units. Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 254101 (abstract)

- Cazelles, B., 2004. Symbolic dynamics for identifying similarity between rhythms of ecological time series. Ecol. Lett., 7, 755-763. (abstract)

- S. Legendre. 2004. Influence of age structure and mating system on population viability. In Evolutionary Conservation Biology (R. Ferrière, U. Dieckmann & D. Couvet eds.), Cambridge University Press, pp. 41-58. (abstract)

- Klvana, I., Berteaux, D. & Cazelles, B., 2004. Porcupine feeding scars and climatic data show ecosystem effects of the solar cycle. Am. Nat., 164, 283-297. (abstract)

- C. Bessa-Gomes, S. Legendre & J. Clobert. 2004. Allee effects, mating systems and the extinction risk in populations with two sexes. Ecology Letters 7:802-812. (abstract)

- Depaulis F, Mousset S, Veuille M. Power of neutrality tests to detect bottlenecks and hitchhiking. J Mol Evol. 2003;57 Suppl 1:S190-200. (abstract)

- Baudry E, Depaulis F. 2003. Effect of misoriented sites on neutrality tests with outgroup. Genetics. Nov;165(3):1619-22. (abstract)

- S. De Monte, F. d’Ovidio, E. Mosekilde. 2003. Coherent regimes of globally coupled dynamical systems. Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 054102(1-4) (abstract)

- C. Hauert, S. De Monte, J. Hofbauer, K. Sigmund. 2002. Volunteering as red queen mechanism for cooperation in public goods games. Science 296, 1129-1132 (abstract)

- D. Claessen, U. Dieckmann. 2002. Ontogenetic niche shifts and evolutionary branching in size-structured populations. Evolutionary Ecology Research 4 (2): 189-217. (abstract)

- Depaulis F, Mousset S, Veuille M. Haplotype tests using coalescent simulations conditional on the number of segregating sites. Mol Biol Evol. 2001 Jun;18(6):1136-8. (abstract)

- A.P. Møller & S. Legendre. 2001. Allee effect, sexual selection and demographic stochasticity. Oikos 92:27-34. (abstract)

- Depaulis F, Brazier L, Veuille M. Selective sweep at the Drosophila melanogaster Suppressor of Hairless locus and its association with the In(2L)t inversion polymorphism. Genetics. 1999 Jul;152(3):1017-24. (abstract)

- Depaulis F, Veuille M. Neutrality tests based on the distribution of haplotypes under an infinite-site model. Mol Biol Evol. 1998 Dec;15(12):1788-90. (abstract)

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