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Postdoc positions in Neuroscience in P. Paoletti’s lab

2 Postdoc positions in Neuroscience at IBENS, the Institut de Biologie de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris.

  • We seek to hire two highly motivated postdoctoral scientists to investigate:
    - the role of NMDA receptor molecular diversity in brain function, and
    - the role of the synaptic microenvironment in the control of NMDA receptors and excitatory neurotransmission, using a combination of approaches including brain slice electrophysiology, molecular replacement, optogenetics, optopharmacology and genetically-modified mice.

  • The candidates should have a solid background in synaptic and cellular electrophysiology (patch-clamp in brain slices). The candidates should also show strong interest in molecular and cellular neuroscience with special focus on synaptic transmission and plasticity. A background in molecular biology and receptor pharmacology would be a plus.

  • The project is part of a recently awarded ERC Advanced Grant and is to be developed in the team of Pierre Paoletti at the Institut de Biologie de l’ENS (IBENS) in Paris, a team recognized internationally for its work on the structure, function and regulation of NMDA type glutamate receptors. The positions have 2 years of initial funding, with the possibility for extension. IBENS is a leading biology institute in Europe that gathers several world-class researchers from diverse fields including genetics and genomics, developmental biology, systems biology and neuroscience. IBENS is located in the center of Paris (Latin Quarter) in a highly stimulating and dynamic environment, close to several other top research institutions (Institut Curie, Collège de France, ESPCI Paris Tech…).

  • Candidates should send a CV and a brief statement of research experience to Pierre Paoletti (pierre.paoletti at
  • Team’s information: "Glutamate Receptors and Excitatory Synapses"

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