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2 October

Mathieu Coppey Dissecting back-to-front cell polarity with optogenetics

13h à 14h30

Le séminaire de Mathieu Coppey (Institut Curie, Paris) aura lieu dans la salle 236 (ENS - 29 rue d’Ulm, 2e étage)

Using the light gated CRY2/CIBN dimerizer, I will present a quantitative framework which allows a simple and predictive manipulation of protein distributions on the plasma membrane of mammalian cells. I will show how this framework can be used to control the RhoGTPases (Cdc42, Rac1, and RhoA) signaling patterns to induce cell migration with high reproducibly. I will then focus on a new model, inspired by optogenetic perturbations, of back-to-front coordination of cellular activities. By inducing subcellular RhoA activations, we quantified the actomyosin dynamics in space and time. Our results suggest a mechanism of cell polarization based on a spatially coupled biochemical balance of substrates. We propose that the myosin turnover sets the dynamics of cell polarity when the migration is driven by the rear, like during the contact inhibition of migration. I will eventually illustrate how our approach can be used to dissect the spatiotemporal characteristics of signal transduction through the quantification of input/output relationships.